I can't believe they didn't invent it No.12: The Speccy Joypad

Ok, apologies first. I'm sorry.

But hold on, please indulge me for a minute. A vodka fuelled drinking binge followed by an 'all back to mine' gaming session got me thinking... did 1980's post-pub gamers stagger back to their homes, fumble around in cassette drawers to find a game and proceed to wait 12 minutes for Ocean's 'Match Day' to load? More to the point, did they sit on the floor two inches from the TV hunched over a keyboard? Now, Kempston Joysticks all to hell, the control method of choice for the hardcore was the rubber keyboard.

Then it occurred to me, what an absolute revelation it would have been if a peripheral like this was available, the idea of sitting on a couch AND playing a videogame was unheard of in my household.

So I'm 18 years too late, but as I look lovingly at my creation I hear two words repeating in my head... "If only... If only..."