Retro Arcade cabinet in pub 'locate-o-matrix'

MULTI: The Bear and Staff, Charing Cross Road, London
There's a multi-board cocktail jobby in The Bear and Staff, Charing Cross Road, London (about 20 yards down the hill from Leicester Square tube station). Bombjack, Pacman, Space Invaders, Frogger and a few of the other usual suspects are in there. It's a bit of a ripoff at 50p a credit and the clientele is generally made up of cunty tourists, but one of the barmaids is fit as fuck.
Andy Macoy

UNKNOWN: Taito tabletop, 'Barbershop' in Lancaster
Taito tabletop machine with screwed monitor spotted in barbershop in Lancaster running some generic up the screen shooter with monitor only showing yellows, green and reds. Get the high score and blag a free haircut. Genuine space invaders coffee table cab aswell.

SPACE INVADERS: Nelson, Cirencester
I spotted your campaign, and thought you should know about the living relic that is an original Space Invaders tabletop machine in a pub called the Nelson, Cirencester. I'm guessing it's from about 1981 or so. It's 10p a credit, 2 player and beautifully playable. My friends and I have been trying to trick the landlord into selling it to us for about 10 years now. Unfortunately our transparent and consistent attempts and his fine business sense means he no longer entertains offers under a grand. And even then he only entertains it. He secretly knows how great it is. Anyway, the pub is a legendary underage drinking / first snog / lock-in zone, so if you find yourself in the sticks you have a night's electrical entertainment guaranteed, whether it costs you 10p or 10 minutes chatting up.

GREEN BERET/PHOENIX: 8 King St Wakefield, West Yorkshire
There are two table top machines in a Pub/Club in Wakefield called Cube (used to be a dirty grief hole called Players Snooker Club) The games are Green Beret and Phoenix
Jay Waters

POSSIBLY 'BOMB JACK': 'Allied Arms' in Reading
There's one in the 'Allied Arms' in Reading. Not sure what game it is, but its a sort of platform job where you control a guy who collects bombs and avoids baddies . He has a cloak on and can fly. It looks shit
(perhaps it's Bomb Jack - Uncle Clive). I was far too busy looking at this girl who bore a passing resemblance to Ulrika Johnson.
John Richardson

MULTI: Fab Cafe on Portland Street, Manchester (and other places)
The Fab Cafe on Portland Street in Manchester has a couple of great machines including an Atari Star Wars sit-down cabinet, Space Invaders, plus a 2-player cocktail cabinet (ta da!) of some old game or other that's basically Galaxians meets Centipede, but it's underwater and you're a submarine. Don't remember what it was called as I was pretty drunk. Affleck's Palace in the Northern Quarter (Manchester again) might still have a 'Discs of Tron' but I haven't been there for about a year. The Coliseum just down the road from there also had a Phoenix and Road Blasters on the first floor and a Star Trek pinball machine from 1979 in the basement floor, but again I've not been there for a while.
John Jennings

MULTI: Arcade in Camber Sands
OK so this isn't strictly in a pub but it sort of fits with the spirit of the thing, inn the ammusement arcade in camber sands (there's only one) there's a veritable cornucopia of retro goodness... asteroids, rampart, an unidentified blocky racing game, and a few less retro titles like op wolf, chase HQ and afterburner oh yeah and arkanoid which has the original cabinet with the heavy dial controller which is easily the best way to play the game. And they're all 10p. Of course no one in their right mind would ever go to camber sands as it's bleak and depressing for the most part. I was there for a music festival.

GALAXIAN: Hogshead on Oxford Road, Manchester
The Hogshead on Oxford Road, Manchester has a tabletop Galaxian upstairs. It's 50p a go but seems to be in full working order. I don't think it's an original, and I'll give it about 2 weeks before someone smashes it up in a alcohol-fuelled lager bender, but there you go...
Nige Jones

MULTI: The Slug and Lettuce on Wardour street
I recently spotted a table top arcade machine in my local london wine bar. Admittedly it's one of the shit new ones that take jamma boards and are completely free from cigarette burns and snot on the screen but it's there none the less. The offending trendy london hostillary is The Slug and Lettuce on Wardour street and far from being 10p a go the bastard charges a quid.
Ross Peet

MULTI: The Old Fleece" in Stalybridge
I can point you in the direction of "The Old Fleece" in Stalybridge, SK15, which has not only space invaders II in a tabletop stylee, but also that shit breakout clone in an American Football stylee - Field Goal. Yes, it's shit, but you can put your pint on it and it's only 10p. Alternatively, why not tell me to piss off. :)
Joe Whiteley

MULTI: Game On exhibition, Barbican Art Gallery
I work at the Barbican art gallery in London in case you've missed it, we have a great selection of classic arcade machines that i supplied for the duration of the 'Game On' exhibition, open till september..... we have : Pong, Computer Space, Tempest, Asteroids, Defender, Space Invaders (2 cocktails and an upright) Robotron, Galaxian, Missile Command, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Crystal Castles, Tron, Star Wars, Battle Zone. Not all are working, but the majority are :)

MULTI: ONeill's on Carnaby Street in London
If you are missing the "cocktail cabinet pub arcade game" get yourself down the ONeill's on Carnaby Street in London. They've got one there, but unfortunately inflation has caught up with it, and it costs 50p a game. However all the classics are there, space invaders, pac man, galaxians, etc... Thought you may be interested.

MULTI: The Gypsy Moth in Greenwich
"...has a old table top arcade machine, but I suspect its insides are filled with a MAME PC. The casing is certainly vintage though if that counts. "
Gypsy Moth, 60 Greenwich Church Street, London, SE10 9BL

SRAMBLE: St. Anton, Austria
I played on a table top arcade machine last year when I was ski-ing in St. Anton, Austria. The game was a version of Scramble, it took one Austrian shilling piece but as they've now adopted the Euro I'm not sure what it will cost [if it's been converted]. You don't have to stay at the Hotel to go in and play, just visit the bar, it's worth it for the cute challet girls they have working there. My mate has especially fond memories of the aforementioned machine and challet girls as late one night he received a hand job from one in the tv room and came all over it. I never played it after that.
Hotel Alpenhof, Fam. Triendl, A-6580 St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria, tel: +43 5446 2495 fax: +43 5446 2700
Guy, Yorkshire

MULTI: Snowdome, Tamworth, Staffordshire
There's a bar in the Snowdome in Tamworth, Staffordshire. It has a remake (I think) arcade machine that contains several old namco games (pac-man etc) but it also has an old sit down two player cocktail machine. Alas the place was packed full of screaming kids so I didn't get to have a look at the actual game on it. I'll have a proper look next time I'm in there. And when you get bored of it you can also go and play SSX for real on the snow. Actually don't, it hurts when you land on your head in real life :o)
Snowdome in Tamworth, Staffordshire.
Matt King

SPACE INVADERS: The Pond on Salamander Street, Edinburgh
There is an old Space Invaders machine in The Pond on Salamander Street in Edinburgh. I hope your locater turns up some oddities for your grand site.
Hugh McKenna

MULTI: Rat and Parrott on Parkway, Camden
Not sure if it counts but the Rat and Parrott on Parkway in Camden used to have a table top machine. It was a bit of a rip off and had crappy clones of old games (read: donkey kong, missile command and a shite version of chuckie egg iirc) shit pub though - much more fun drinking white lightning outside the tube station spitting on goths... anyway.....
Raf Rasile