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Army of Trolls
Pixel artist chum, and designer of recent 'Retro' Edge cover has his own groovey site here. Those looking for quality pixel art need look no further. A site for sore eyes.

Blessed Magazine
Simply the best gaming fanzine on the planet. Comes with my highest recommendation. More details at:

PreSchool Protocops
"Ren & Stimpy" meets "The A-team" meets "Starwars", check out the brilliant pilot episode at:

FlameBoy Comics
Online comic portal, by celebrated comicbook artist FlameBoy. Check out 'Fruitmachine' as well, as your UncleClive is one of the writers:

One Dinosaur and his balloon
Regular Edge forum poster
and gaming veteran, Craig Stevenson created the amazing Sir Clive head which so lovingly peers out of this web site, expect more of his work soon in the download section and a Uncleclive/Dino 'art happening' collaboration in the near future. Check out his portfolio at:

Ersbys site of fun and failure
Not everything in black and white makes sense. Except for Dog Translucent. Check out Ersby's helpful dog antics. "Helping people is payment enough for me". Indeed.

UK Resistance
Downward scrolling game-related humour shinanigans. Also begins with the letter 'U'

Utopia Project
More downward scrolling game-realated humour shinanigans. Also begins with the letter 'U'

The Church of Burger Time
The church of burgertime are committed to spreading the word of Pepper, he who is the CHEF. Pontifex Maximus believes that only through the meditation upon the levels and the squashing of the demons in the bun, will true nirvana for the congregation be attained...
The Edge forum, where me and my digital chums gather daily to stroke our collective beards. Come for a chat and a cup of tea, the locals are a friendly bunch and you can view all of our profiles at the lovely....

Ooof!, goes where even Uncleclive wouldn't tread, compelling gaming industry dirt...
Decent, hype-free games site. Good reviews, features, forum, feedback. Well worth checking out before that lunchtime 'impulse purchase'. I wouldn't go anywhere without it.

Vintage Computer Ads
Grab yourselves a hanky and get on down
there. The nice people at Vintage Computer Ads have created the finest retro ad collection on the net. Ace!

The Onion
Just on the off chance you still havn't seen this baby....

Web Hosting
Keeps this site up 24 hours a day 365 days a year...

Need To Know
In jokes for out-casts.....

Classic Gaming!
The GOOD stuff.....

GBA - Spectrum Emulator
The GBA just gets better and better...

A Uk Nintendo site you say?...

Sick of black borders, late software and slower conversions?

Groovy online webcomic.... kinda funky.