Offical UncleClive downloadable posters.
You asked, and you got. Two high-res downloads from 'Uncle Clive's realism in advertising campaign' for you to stick on your bedroom/bedsit/hospital/prison/coding booth wall.

Each poster now has 'readable' writing and the X-Box mag campaign is an Edge inspired remix, which you won't find anywhere else. Click on either image to download (then use the right click 'save as' thingie). Ninty and Sony next week.

Phreak Out - Columns from the Netherland Office
"Well slap my non-bald head and call me a slightly less feminine version of The Fat Sow, fuck me I'm angry......" He is the angriest man in the Netherlands and the third angriest in Eastern Europe. Read his views on the state of play here.

Phreak Out 1 - Bundles of Joy
Kicking off the first of the articles, Phreak looks at the young blood of the industry - the under 21 gamers. HERE

Phreak Out 2 - Atari and a bit of imagination
Do you know what Atari's most profitable move of the Nineties was? Suing Sega for infringement of Atari's nine pin port design, amongst other things. They made 100 million in an out of court settlement. That's no small potatoes. From pads to polygons, Atari probably owned the patent, but rarely kicked up a fuss. Why?.......... HERE

Phreak Out 3 - Neapolitan Ice Cream
Y'see, every piece of hardware has a different flavour, a fresh perspective on gaming, a cosmic rhythm which allows the planet to spin and keeps us from flying off into the black stuff like they did in Space 1999, all slow and silly. Well, maybe not that second one. Anyway, I like flavours, don't you? Why have vanilla when you can have Neapolitan? HERE

Phreak Out 4 - Blips, Beeps and noise
In the early days, it was all blips, bleeps and noise. There was no room for aural eloquence, simply because the technology didn't allow for it. Sound was merely functional, keeping the player informed as to what was going on. Those beeps in Pong are not merely for entertainment, they're a valuable tool.... HERE

Phreak Out 5 - A Playstation divided
MGS2. Since inception this game has been heralded as a defining moment for it's host console, if not for gaming. The effort with which this message has been pushed is nothing short of staggering. Every trade show, every magazine, every opportunity has been taken to promote this title, to the point where it's become boring. Even so you have to respect Konami's ability to whet consumers appetites. And then the game gets released. Oh dear....

Get your lovely hot 'Clive Sinclair, Spectrum inspired desktops',
get them whilst they are in a state of hightened molecular activity.

To download:
Click then right click image to save.

The Men From Uncle....
An Uncle Clive exclusive, in full, for the first time, Unclesomeone's Thesis on console Ergonomics and Asthetics.

Unclesomeone on the SNES :"The SNES itself is of course a visual triumph. Conveying a sophisticated blend of power and playfulness."

....on the Dreamcast: "......from above the design is spoilt by busy effects; slashed lines, a split triangle, and needless raised dots circling the lid. But the front is most impressive. Four ports naturally offer connection in a SNES-like playful engine shape. "


UC reader Darth Eddie submitted 3 new desktop patterns for your enjoyment.

Download all three in this Zip file: